Brand New Partners and Features


We were proud to witness the tapping of another new chestnut beer on Friday, November 15th. Our friends at Baffin Brewing in St Claire Shores, MI revealed their chestnut cream ale called Joey Chestnut. It was a fun evening, centered around a spectacular beer.

We are so happy that this has been happening more and more. The team has been hard at work trying to help brewers make beer better. All of that work has been paying off too. We have several new partners and we couldn't be more excited. Exceptional breweries like Roak Brewing (Royal Oak, MI), Tibbs Brewing (Kalamazoo, MI), Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery (Minneapolis, MN…duh), Baffin Brewing (St Claire Shores, MI) and our own home town heroes Sleepwalker Spirits & Ale (Lansing, MI). We also still have several dozen more in various stages of sample brews with our stuff.

Recently WMUK Kalamazoo did an article and radio story on the chestnut market in Michigan, and tapped two of our own, Roger Blackwell and Dennis Fulbright, for their expertise. You can read and hear the story here. Fresh chestnuts from Michigan orchards can be obtained from the state chestnut growers' cooperative at Also, you may be interested in knowing that Michigan-grown chestnuts are being used in the craft beer industry.

Two gluten-free beers are made with Michigan chestnuts, Glutenberg Red Ale from Montreal can be found in some Michigan stores and the other is Golden Manatee Belipago from Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales on tap at Jolly Pumpkin Dexter Tap Room and Jolly Pumpkin Cafe in Ann Arbor. Belipago was a 2012 gold medal winning beer at the most prestigious beer festival in the US, the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

Treeborn was also recently featured by Crain's Detroit. Check it out!

Brewery Visits and Print Materials


The gang has been busy meeting new brewers and getting samples of our chestnut chips far and wide. We've been crisscrossing Michigan visiting breweries in person to get the word out. If you would like to see us at your brewery, let us know on twitter @TreebornInc, or shoot us an email through the website. We would love to see you and hear from you!

There should also be print material coming out soon to give you even more information about our product and what it can do for your favorite brew. So keep an eye out for that and more, and enjoy what is left of this beautiful summer!

Expanding in Every Way


At the moment, Treeborn is expanding in every way. We have new people joining the team, new partners making beer from our chestnuts, and even more breweries working with samples to see what they can do. We have recently gotten six big new orders in, and over 60 other brewers are now at some stage of sampling.

Last Saturday we were honored to be part of a dinner hosted by Grand River Marketplace. The event was the finale of a daylong seminar on growing chestnut trees from rooted cuttings. People from all over the world were there to learn how they can help more effectively proliferate the population of chestnut trees. At the dinner we had four courses, all made with Michigan chestnuts, and all completely gluten free. We also got to sample a gluten-free chestnut beer, made using chestnuts as the only sugar source.

You can also find great articles about us in the Lansing State Journal and Tech Century.


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